Since 1981, Century Electrical Contractors Ltd. has been providing service in the electrical field.

Our company

Joseph and Frank are “hands-on” in every aspect of our projects and the day-to-day operation of Century Electrical Contractors.

It is under their direction and guidance that Century Electrical has mentored many young apprentices and turned them into the highly skilled professionals and unionized tradespeople that they are today.  Many of whom have remained with Century Electrical to use their learned skills to help us give exceptional service to our customers.

As a result of their dedication and hard work Century Electrical Contractors have been retained by our customers as their main service contacts once initial construction/installation has been completed. 

We ensure that regular maintenance schedules are adhered to in order to preserve the integrity of the installed equipment. 

We are also always ready to provide assistance with any alterations to existing equipment as our customers expand.

Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with our clients.


Century’s labour force is highly skilled and we work hard to maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Our electricians are party to the provincial collective agreement between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (Local 353) and Century is a member of the Electrical Contractor Association of Ontario.

We strive to maintain our relationship with contractors, engineers and architects and to work in unison with them to ensure the projects move forward with ease and promptness to ensure projects stay on budget and on schedule.